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Input/output interface:
Input: LAN port*1, USB*1, WiFi*1
Output: LAN port*4, HDMI*1, Audio*1

Loading area:
2 million points,
Max width: 4096, Max height: 2160
Product introduction Download
I. Function Introduction:
ZH-C4 belongs to full color series LED player, its functions are as follows:
  1. Adopt the same refresh technology as synchronous control system;
  2. Support cascading receiving cards, support any size screen;
  3. Support mobile APP (Android + iPhone) to send program;
  4. Support U-disk, Wi-Fi hot-spot (AP mode) and Internet (STA mode) to realize cluster management;
  5. Support 2-line Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/ Wi-Fi and other access to Internet to manage;
  6. Support remote cluster release management system;
  7. Offer SDK file;
  8. Support HD video hard decoding;
  9. Supports audio output, 3.5mm standard audio output interface;
  10. Support USB to play video and pictures directly;
  11. Support brightness automatic, timing adjustment;
  12. Support program play in sequence and timing;
  13. Support UDP network communication protocol;
  14. Support DHCP to obtain IP address automatically;
  15. Support emergency information insertion;
  16. Support weather forecast;
  17. Support 1 pcs HDMI output port;
  18. Support one-button full screen test;
  19. Supports multiple video Windows to play simultaneously;
  20. Support environmental monitoring;
  21. Support manual switch, timing switch;
  22. Support log, screen status checking;
  23. Support multi-device play synchronously;
  24. Support cloud login dynamic verification, support grouping, classification, monitoring, verify and other permission to manage.
II. Basic Function Parameters
System Parameters:
CPU 8-core A53, 1.5GHz
Operation System Android 5.1
System Storage 8G (The system takes up about 2.5G)
Control Area Loading Points: 2.0 million points
Maximum Width: 4096,Maximum Height: 2160
Support Resolution
960*2160   1012*2048   1080*1920  1152*1792  1296*1600 1480*1400  1518*1366   1620*1280  1800*1152  1920*1080  2048*1012  2304*900    2560*810   2592*800   2816*736   3072*672   3200*648    3264*632   3456*600   3600*576     3672*564   3840*540    4096*512

Communication Port:
  1. Support Wi-Fi hot-pot;
  2. TF card port, support external expansion of storage space (optional);
  3. Support U disk port;
  4. Support 100M/1000M network adaptation;
  5. Support server cluster;
  6. Support 3G/4G communication(optional).

System Security:
  1. Many mechanisms like Cloud login dynamic verification, Ali cloud server, display terminal password verification and so on, to ensure the safety of data!
  2. Support grouping, classification, monitoring, audit and other permission to manage.
LED Load Parameters:
Support Gigabit ports to cascade receiving card, the maximum pixels: 2 million points.
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