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Control Area:
Max Loading: 5.2 million points,
Max Width: 8192; Max Height: 2160;

Input/Output Interface:
Input: HDMI*2, VGA*1,USB*1, Network Port*1,WiFi*1,Audio*1;
Output: Network Port*8, HDMI*2, Audio*1;
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I. Product Introduction:

ZH-Z8E is one three-in-one product developed for LED large-screen display systems, integrating asynchronous, high-definition video processors and sending cards. It adopts industry-leading lossless zoom technology, supports high-definition HDMI/DVI input and standard Gigabit Ethernet port output, and provides customers with a synchronous LED large-screen high-definition display solution; new asynchronous expansion card is added to meet various needs of customers in different scenarios; The integrated software simplifies the customer's operation process; the standard 1U chassis makes engineering installation more convenient and quicker, and truly achieves the purpose of multi-scenario and minimal operation. ZH-Z8E supports one-key switching between partial and full-screen modes, and one-key switching between synchronous and asynchronous modes. The screen transition is smooth and stable. ZH-Z8E supports online upgrades to ensure that customers upgrade new functions from time to time.

II. Functional Features
ZH-Z8E is a full-color series player control system, its functions are as follows:
1.Use the same refresh technology as the synchronization system;
2.Support cascaded receiving card, realize the support of any size screen;
3.SDK development kits are provided for all series;
4.Support HD video hard decoding;
5.Support audio sync audio input and output, 3.5mm standard audio output interface;
6.Support U disk to play videos and pictures directly;
7.Support 2 HDMI inputs, 1 VGA input, 1 HDMI output;
8.Support synchronous, asynchronous local and remote one-key switching;
9.Support one-key switching between partial and full screens in synchronous mode;
10.Support picture zoom function;
11.Support manual switch, timing switch;
12.Support extended sensor and other functional interfaces;
13.Support U disk, network cable to enable wireless WiFi hotspot (AP mode) and access to LAN (STA mode) to achieve cluster management;
14.Support UDP network communication protocol;
15.Support DHCP to automatically obtain IP address;
16.Support one-key whole screen test;
17.Support simultaneous playback of multiple video windows;
18.Support EDID setting;
19.Support brightness timing adjustment;
20.Support Mobile (Android + Apple) software sending;
21.Support local server and remote server to publish content;
22.Support program sequence, timing and other playback methods;
23.Support emergency information insertion;
24.Support weather forecast, web pages, streaming media, etc.;
25.Support standard databases such as json and mysyq;
26.Support docking of data acquisition instrument, PLC, etc.;
27.Support log, screen status query;
28.Supports simultaneous playback of multiple devices;
29.Support cloud login dynamic verification, support grouping, classification, monitoring, audit and other authority management.
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