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Loading area: 650000 points,
Max width: 2048, Max height: 1280;
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  1. Function Introduction:
ZH-C1 belongs to full color series asynchronous card, its functions are as follows:
1.Support LAN, wireless WIFi, 3G, 4G, etc. to access the Internet management;
2. Taking the same refresh technology as the synchronization system;
3. Support cascaded receiving card, support any size of screen;
4. 2*LAN port output the same content, which are hot backup for each other;
5. Support Mobile APP(Android + IOS);
6. Support U disk, network cable to turn on wireless WiFi hotspot (AP mode);
7. Support remote cluster release management system;
8. SDK development kits are provided for all departments;
9. Support HD video hard decoding;
10. Support audio output, 3.5mm standard audio output interface;
11. Support U disk to play videos and pictures directly;
12. Support brightness timing adjustment;
13. Support program sequence and timing playback;
14. Support DHCP to automatically obtain IP address;
15. Support emergency information insertion;
16. Support weather forecast;
15. Support one-button to test full screen;
16. Support environmental monitoring;
17. Support RS485 external sensors (sensors need to be customized);
18. Support manual switch machine, timing switch machine;
19. Support log, screen status query;
20. Support multi-device synchronous playback;
21. Support GPS interface (optional);
22. Support cloud login dynamic verification, support group, classification, monitoring, audit and other rights management.
  1. Basic Function Parameters
  1. System Parameters:
CPU Four-core A53,1.5GHz
Operate System Android 5.1
Storage 8G
Control Area Pixel 650000
Max W: 2048   Max H:1280
Support Resolution (W*H) 512*1280 640*1024 720*920,800*800,960*680,1024*640,1152*560,,1280*512,1366*479,1400*468,1536*420,1600*400,1800*364,
  1. Communication Port
  1. Support WIFI hotspots;
  2. Support U disk port;
  3. Support 100M Network;
  4. Support RS485;
  5. Support 3G/4G;
  6. Support GPS;
  7. Support server cluster;
  1. System Safety
  1. Cloud login dynamic verification, Ali-cloud server, display terminal password checking and so on a variety of mechanisms, multi-pronged ensure display data security;
  2. Support group, classification, monitoring and audit rights management.
  1. LED Load Parameters
  1. Support cascading receiving cards, maximum pixel 650000;
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