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T12 Receiving Card

Control Area:Max Width 128; Max Height 768; Gray level 65,536
12*hub 75E; Gigabit network card
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  1. Overview
The T16 full color receiver is a product carefully designed by ZH Software, to meet the rental market and engineering projects in LED industry. Taking new communication architecture, high refresh, high brightness, new grayscale scanning engine, nanosecond synchronization. Even under the poor communication status, it can still maintaining the smooth communication, which bringing users a more colorful and beautiful LED world!
  1.  Features
1. Integration of HUB75 interface, no need using hub adapter, more convenient;
2. Less connectors, less fault point, lower failure rate;
3. It supports conventional chips, which achieve high refresh, high gray, high brightness;
4. New grayscale engine, low grayscale, better performance;
5. More perfect detail processing, eliminating the detail problems caused by the unit board design, such as dark line, low gray and red line, ghost, etc.
6. Supports all conventional chips, PWM chips and lighting chips;
7. Supports the static screen, and any scan type like 1/2~1/32 scans;
8. Support arbitrary tap point, support data migration, can easily load any kind of screen like: special-shaped screen, spherical screen, creative display screen;
9. Single card supports 24 sets of RGB signal output;
10. Supports super large loading area
11. Advanced design, high quality components, automated high and low temperature aging test, zero fault from factory.
12. Supports ultra-wide working voltage: DC 3.5v ~6V, can effectively reduce the impact of voltage fluctuations;
13. Support power reverse connection, which can protect circuit.
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